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I dedicate this podcast to the defense of all that is sacred against the blitzkrieg of immoral technologies besieging all life on earth. I do so under the inspiration of practical wisdom traditions from antiquity to the present and beyond.
Join me on this journey “under the stars” by listening to my podcast!

“Under the Stars” Podcast

Episode 1: "The Great Reset and its Health Dictatorship: A Guide to Freedom in the Post-Corona World"

Under the Stars with Ed Conroy
Under the Stars with Ed Conroy
Episode 1: "The Great Reset and its Health Dictatorship: A Guide to Freedom in the Post-Corona World"

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About me

My writing life, and my bridge-building

Thank you for joining me here, under the stars! You are my partner on this journey, in which I can share with you the ideas of people who reflect the fields of inquiry I have explored in the course of my very fortunate 68 years on this planet. If you have ideas and feelings in response to my content, I hope you will share them with me through my contact information below.

In selecting my guests and their fields of expertise, I will draw on my background as a bilingual (Spanish and English) arts writer, book reviewer and urban affairs columnist for the San Antonio Express-News; his investigations of the UFO phenomenon and the life of Whitley Strieber resulting in “Report on ‘Communion,’” (Morrow, 1989; Avon 1990); his editing work of “Combatting Cult Mind Control” by Steven Hassan, Ph.D. (Park Street Press, 1988, and many other editions) plus “The Great Reset and its Health Dictatorship: A Guide to Freedom in the Post-Corona World” by Harrie Salman, Ph.D. (Threefold Publishing, 2021). I will also draw on my education in the School of Critical Studies at California Institute of the Arts, the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, the University of Texas at San Antonio, the San Francisco Zen Center, the former Paracelsus College in Salt Lake City and through three decades of lessons in the Cabala, Astrology, and the Tarot from the Builders of the Adytum (BOTA.org) of Los Angeles. In the Human Design system, I am a 5/1 Heretical Investigator. I am also a Gemini with Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter in my tenth house. I like to use my skills as a communicator to build bridges between seemingly disparate spiritual, intellectual, cultural, scientific, and national traditions, and the people who espouse them. I have a particular interest people rejected as heretics, for they must have discovered some things of value of danger to establishments, to have experienced exile and rejection.

“Stars” is an acronym that stands for my principal interests of “Spirituality, Technology, Art, Regeneration and Science.” The constellations of ideas I will explore in “Under the Stars” include:


  • Esoteric wisdom traditions in religions around the globe.
    Wisdom traditions of indigenous peoples.
  • The contemporary shamanic revival among people in developed nations.
  • The intersection of religion and politics in mainline religions and mind-control cults.


  • Exploring the potential benefits and dangers of AI applications.
  • New technologies, the Great Reset, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
  • The Transhumanist agenda and growing technocratic authoritarianism. 
  • The challenges of developing moral technologies.


  • The impact of the Coronavirus Crisis on the arts and cultural institutions around the world.
  • Trends in contemporary art (including all art forms) in the US and Mexico.
  • The Visionary Art movement, including the Metarealist movement.
  • The future of public art education and participation in an increasingly digital world.


  • Regenerative agriculture vs Big Ag.
  • The arts of human regeneration in holistic healing practices and traditions.
  • Efforts to regenerate and transform educational systems against increasing digital learning.
  • Regeneration of industries, such as the movement toward earthen construction as a more energy-efficient and sustainable form of construction for homes and commercial buildings.


  • Advances in zero-space based energy technologies.
  • Advances in our understanding of cosmology.
  • Scientific investigation of the technologies associated with Unidentified Aerial Vehicles and alleged alien/human technology transfers.
  • The revolution in synthetic/digital biology and its applications. 


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My Logo, The Tree Of Life

My logo for this podcast is a work of original art by Karen Alexander, based on a crop circle design that appeared on June 16, 2017, at Target Wood, near Bradbury Rings, Dorset, England. It is reproduced here with Ms. Alexander’s permission. With the permission of Steve Alexander, we reproduce here his original photograph of that crop circle, which inspired his wife Karen to reproduce it as a painting. This crop circle design unites two age-old, sacred geometric patterns: a modified Star of David, and an exact representation of the Tree of Life, the primary symbol of the esoteric wisdom system known as the Cabala, Qabalah or Kabbalah, in various traditions, all derived from the Hebrew letters Qoph, Resh and Lamed, which taken together means “to receive.” In finding my own inspiration from these images, I do not make any representations that the crop circles are made by extraterrestrials, nature spirits or humans for that matter. I see them as complex, marvelous works of art that appear to be associated with ancient places and practices of geomancy, or the art of understanding and directing the earth’s own subtle energies. For more information on the crop circle phenomenon, more photos by Steve Alexander, and other examples of Karen Alexander’s art inspired by actual crop circles, please visit www.temporarytemples.co.uk. For more information on the Holy Cabala, I recommend the teachings of the Builders of the Adytum, www.bota.org, a school offering lessons in practical wisdom operating in the Rosicrucian tradition.